.BUZZ changes the internet

Today is a turning point in many ways – I’ll explain

On one side I am excited to announce my involvement in the .buzz registry. This will see me represent .buzz over here in the UK and Europe.

As one of the many new tlds that will launch over the coming months the pressure is on. All tlds are different and all have their own unique selling point, in many ways there is less competition now, than there has been when deciding which domain tld to use.

Launching a new tld and being the registry is both exciting and overwhelming, both feelings being equally important in fulfilling the goals and vision that we have whilst communicating the amazing opportunity to our future customers.

We as the registry must be both responsible and proactive – responsible for running a great registry with honorable goals and vision. Whilst also being proactive in ensuring that this same vision is accomplished in an efficient way to ensure that the registry side of the business is profitable.

Today the internet changes…

The internet, as we have known it to date, changes from now on in. Although “Internet Protocol” remains intact and more powerful than ever the opportunity today for more people to get the domain name that they want/need for their business is greater than ever before.

The important difference now is that the new tlds (top level domains) are more descriptive in nature as opposed to being a global e.g. .com/.net or being country related like .co.uk/.com.au

Get in touch if you have plans for a premium domain or want to discuss your own corporate .buzz strategy.

So over to you – what .BUZZ domain are you going to register?